Savant Audio/Video Switching & Control

These award-winning, fully redundant high-bandwidth matrix switchers and controllers provide audio/video switching and processing, video scaling, complete control and automation, customizable digital signage, video overlay features and much more.

Savant’s SmartMediaPro Series provides ultra high-speed communication over long distances with robust fiber solutions.

Savant’s scalable and flexible line of intelligent control, automation, audio/video and communication SmartSystems can meet the demands of any residential property, commercial facility or application.



 SmartAudio (Audio + Control)

 SmartVideo (Video + Control)

 SmartMedia (Multimedia + Control)

 SmartMediaPro (Matrix Switching + Control)

 SmartMediaPro Expansion Kits



 Audio Input

 Audio Output

 Video Input

 Video Output
SmartLink.png Video Output