Savant Fiber Solutions

Savant offers fiber solutions for the SmartSystems™ architecture providing additional installation flexibility across all vertical markets. Fiber solutions are available in HDMI™ extenders, Fiber Transmitter and Receiver platforms, and via service cards for the SmartMediaPro family including video processing over fiber service cards.

In addition, Savant Fiber Solutions include Savant OM3 Multi-mode Fiber, Savant SC-Type Fiber Connectors and a Savant Fiber Termination Kit for ease of installation.

Savant Fiber Solutions are ideal installation options to extend digital AV signals over fiber (OM3 multi-mode) up to1000 feet (300 meters). Moreover, because transmission of content is inherently secure and immune to outside interference, fiber applications are favored in government, military and medical environments.

 Fiber Transmitter & Room Controller


 FTC-P100 Accessories


 Fiber Receiver & Room Controller

 FRC-P100 Accessories


 Fiber / Video Service Cards


 Fiber / Video Extenders