Savant Host & Controllers

The key components that deliver control and automation to every SmartSystem are a Savant Host and any one Savant Controller. The Savant Host (UNIX-based OS X® platform), a rack-mountable device containing Savant’s powerful control software, provides numerous functions including: automation and control, user interface interpretations, system administration, monitoring, and can act as the digital media server housing and controlling the playback of any iTunes® content (music, movies, etc.).  

All Savant Controllers include a Linux processor that provides two-way communication to all connected components or subsystem within an installation. Supporting the most common control protocols (IR, Serial, IP IR, Relay, GPIO), and standards, several Savant Controllers also deliver audio/video switching, processing, video scaling and overlay and more.

Savant Smart Host Controller


 Savant Host Controllers



 Savant SmartControl (Control Only)

 SmartControl 25 Accessories

 Savant SmartAudio (Audio + Control)

 Savant SmartVideo (Video + Control)

 Savant SmartMedia (Multimedia + Control)

 Savant SmartMediaPro (Matrix Switching + Control)