Savant Lighting Control

Savant Lighting Control has transformed LiteTouch® products into a dynamic lighting control solution that can be used as part of a complete package within Savant's automation and energy management ecosystem or as a standalone lighting control system. Savant Lighting Control will take advantage of Savant's expertise in highly efficient software-based system configuration, compact powerful hardware devices and renowned user interface options.

Command Savant Lighting Control from a wide-variety of award-winning user interfaces including Savant's stylish Keypads and Apple iOS control apps.  Create beautiful and complimentary lighting scenes, automate landscape and security lighting to respond to variable sunset times throughout the year; set up master control in key locations throughout a project, automatically adjust lights for video conferencing or multi-media presentations and more.

Savant's backwards compatible hardware and software design allows for support and system upgrade of all LiteTouch systems that are already installed in the field, and Savant will continue to support 3rd party lighting control systems through the company's Partners in Excellence Program.  Additionally, when implemented as a versatile standalone lighting solution, Savant Lighting utilizes the same interoperability that LiteTouch has offered to 3rd party control vendors.



 Savant Lighting Software

 Load Modules (120 Volt)

 Load Modules (240 Volt)

 Integration Modules



 Savant Keypad Styles


 Keypad Location Boxes

 Keypad Connections

 Keypad Wire

 Accessory Faceplates
  • Traditional Faceplate (Screw-set & Screw-less) / FTR-SXMX, FTR-LXMX
  • Toggle Faceplate (Screw-set & Screw-less) / FTO-SXMX, FTO-LXMX
  • Duplex Outlet Faceplate (Screw-set & Screw-less) / FDO-SXMX, FDO-LXMX