Corporate Enterprise

Commercial Building Automation & Control for Conference Rooms, Video Conferencing and More

During important meetings, never waste your time or focus fumbling around with multiple remotes to pilot a presentation. Through familiar and easy-to-use touch devices, smart remotes, and On-TV Menu intelligent control, Savant provides one-touch control that streamlines interaction of all technologies within your boardroom, conference area, or executive briefing center.

From complete control and automation of intelligent lighting, climate, shades, privacy glass, audio/video equipment and multi-media presentation material, to the powering of a telepresence or video conferencing meeting, Savant creates a simple, productive and efficient work environment.

To ensure building-wide safety and reduce energy costs, install Savant's reliable and scalable platform to remotely monitor and manage all the environmental and security subsystems throughout your facility.

7 World Trade Commercial Building Automation Project