Home Theater Control Systems from Savant

Home Theater Control Systems

Fully Integrated Home Theaters and Media Rooms

With a fully integrated home theater control system from Savant, convert the family media room or professionally designed home theater into the ultimate viewing experience.

From a Single Savant SmartSystem, pilot your home theater to:  00_Res_Home_Theater_ipad_SM.png

  • Become a complete intelligent control system: Control your media, intelligent lighting, curtains, temperature, etc.
  • Enable heart-pounding 7.1 surround sound
  • Distribute HD 1080p video
  • Access and stream content from online sources such as YouTube™ and Hulu™

Savant Home Theater Control TrueCommand™ Enhanced Control

From any HD display or projection screen, use a Savant smart remote to adjust lighting and climate and view your security cameras.Or,obtain the weather and sports scores, and more, all without interrupting your video programming for a single moment. Learn More.

Simplify "Movie Night"

Home theater control made easy — with a push of a button from a docked iPad®, your home theater can be automated to cue up your favorite movie, dim lights, close shades, set a predetermined temperature…even start popping the popcorn!