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LiteTouch® Intelligent Lighting - Now Savant Lighting Control


Savant Systems acquired the assets of LiteTouch® in 2012, and since that time has been designing and engineering the latest lighting control solutions – all of which are backwards compatible and designed to support LiteTouch installations.

And there has never been a better time to upgrade LiteTouch Systems to Savant Lighting Control. Savant is now offering discounted pricing to help deliver the latest technology to the home or business, and only Savant can do so without the expense and hassle of rewiring or reprogramming.

Upgrades now available:

  • New Savant System Controllers – now available to replace existing LiteTouch controllers. Homes can have the benefit of IP integration, automatic daylight savings adjustments, and can be easily configured for iPad mini®, iPad® and iPhone® control via the Savant SmartLighting app. Note: existing LiteTouch programming files can simply be imported into the new Savant Controller.
  • New Keypad Designs – can be easily installed in place of existing keypads to update the look and feel of all of the lighting access points in the home. Savant offers new styles, Metropolitan, Circa and Echo that can operate on the existing wiring and even operate from the original programming file. Learn more.
  • New Savant Wi-Fi Lighting Control – Savant is now shipping new wireless wall box dimmers and switches. Savant Wi-Fi dimmers and switches are easily retrofittable and communicate over the home’s existing Wi-Fi network – no additional communication networks to set-up and manage. Wall switches and dimmers are fully programmable, and are designed to compliment Savant Circa Keypads, so loads can be added in rooms or areas that may have been left off the original system. Learn more.
  • New Savant Lamp Control – allows you to add all household lamps onto the Savant system, delivering control of lamps from any keypad in your home – including Master & Area Off Switches. Savant Lamp Control is also available with a tabletop keypad, allowing homeowners to turn off all lights, including lamps, from the bedside table (Shipping late Q1 2014).
  • New Remote Access App allows for system access from any Apple® iOS device – from anywhere.

Bring your lighting control system to the next level with Savant.
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Existing/Legacy LiteTouch Customers

Savant is committed to the complete technical and sales support of every existing LiteTouch customer.  

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LiteWare® Software Support

Click here to find out more information, or to download the latest LiteWare® design and programming support software.

LiteTouch Support Portal

The LiteTouch Support Portal is now the Savant Portal. Click here to access and sign-in to the Savant Portal.

Note: In order to properly gain access to the Savant Portal, you must be a Savant authorized integrator. Click here for more information.