Savant Comes a Long Way with LiteTouch, Thermostats

Seven months after acquiring LiteTouch, Savant Systems has integrated lighting and energy management into its audio, video and home automation ecosystem.

Source: CE Pro

Just seven months ago, home automation purveyor Savant Systems acquire LiteTouch from Nortek. We all kind of wondered why.

We found out at CEDIA Expo 2012, where the company debuted the "Savant version of LiteTouch," said GM Jim Carroll. "We’ve done a lot of work. We’ve been very busy."

The lighting solution is now totally integrated into the Savant ecosystem, and the elegant LiteTouch keypads can be used to control any number of Savant functions, not just lights.

The real innovation at the Savant booth might have been the company's integrated keypads that double as thermostats and whole-house control points. They can replace any existing LiteTouch keypad.

Carroll explains that Savant inherited about 20,000 LiteTouch homes in the acquisition.

"We’re going back pretty actively and reengaging those customers, showing them some of the upgrades and advantages to the system," he says. "It’s a little bit of a Trojan horse. It allows our dealers to get in there and replace A/V systems and climate control."

Source: CE Pro

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