Talking Your Tech with Kevin Jonas

Source: USA Today

BEVERLY HILLS – Kevin Jonas is the eldest member of the Jonas Brothers. The pop music group has been recording since 2006 and sold more than 20 million albums. The trio also has appeared on multiple TV reality series. The latest —Married to Jonas, featuring Kevin and his wife, Danielle — makes its debut Sunday on cable's E! Entertainment Television.

We caught up with Jonas recently to talk his tech.

Home automation

He had a Savant Systems unit for security, energy consumption and entertainment installed in 2010. "With all the travel I do, being able to know what was going on in my house when I wasn't there was very important to me."

Checking on his home – peace of mind on the road

He can monitor the action at his New Jersey home from anywhere in the world. "My doorbell (in New Jersey) rang. I got an alert on my phone, saying somebody was at the door, and it took me right to the camera. I was in Los Angeles, able to alert the authorities. And this person was escorted off the property." Without the automation, "I wouldn't have even known somebody was there."

Using an iPhone to turn off the lights

"From my bed, I can change the room temperature and adjust the lights without getting up, using the iPhone as a remote control."

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