Dual 20 AMP Dimmer Module


The Dual 20 Amp Dimmer Module (LMD-20A120) provides two 20 amp dimmers in a standard size module. Each of these outputs has an RFI filter based on a toroidal inductor for low noise operation. This module has a set of two rotary dial switches which are used to designate the address of the module with each 20 amp dimmer being designated as a different output.

The Dual 20 Amp Dimmer Module is rated at 4800 watts with a maximum capacity of 2400 watts (de-rated to 1920 watts) on a single output.
This dimmer module is not recommended for dimming solid state electronic transformer low voltage (unless the transformer is rated so) or fluorescent loads. If only one output is being used on the module, the load must be connected to output number one. Both halves of the Dual 20 Amp Dimmer should be fed from the same phase. Auxiliary chokes are available for commercial grade rise times. If used with AFCI Breakers, the neutrals from both halves of the quads must be isolated from each other.  

  • Forward Phase/Leading Edge Dimming Technology
  • Designed to Dim Incandescent, Neon, Cold Cathode, and Magnetic Transformer Low Voltage Loads
  • Two Separate 20 amp Inputs with RFI Filer
  • Module Rating:
    • 120 VAC - 40 amps or 4800 Watts (de-rated to 1920 Watts per input)

Available Model

  • LMD-20A120, Dual 20 AMP Dimmer Module

Available Accessories

  • ENC-2000, Two Module Enclosure
  • ENC-S2LID, Two Module Enclosure Surface Mount Lid
  • ENC-R2LID, Two Module Enclosure Recess Lid
  • ENC-4000, Four Module Enclosure
  • ENC-S4LID, Four Module Enclosure Surface Mount Lid
  • ENC-R4LID, Four Module Enclosure Recess Lid