LiteWare® provides powerful system design and programming support through every phase of your lighting control project – from quoting, through system and keypad design, installation, programming, product pricing and ordering.

Quoting with LiteWare – Quoting a job LiteWare allows you to estimate the number of keypads and wire lengths to create a basic system with Lighting Controllers, Basic Modules, Enclosures and wire. The software will also print quotes in an easy to read document for your customers.

Designing with LiteWare – After entering electrical information such as the type of lighting fixture and their required wattage, LiteWare generates important installation, billing and design documents.

Keypad Design – LiteWare allows you to design and save keypad renderings for proposals and presentations, complete with accurate button labels, finishes and LED color. By printing out a keypad design file you can show your client how every keypad will look in every location. The same software will also allow you to program each button.

Note: To download SmartLighting Firmware & Release ReadMe Notes, please click on the Resources tab below.

Register and download Savant's new LiteWare6.0.1 Software

  • LiteWare 5.1.1

The new LiteWare6.0.1 Software Suite includes the following features and enhancements:

  • New Hardware Support - WCC-2XXXXX, KTP-03BW1/KTP-03EW1, CLS-0WF120, CLD-0WF120, WCS-10XXXX (240V) and WCD-1XXXX (240V)
  • Firmware Improvements for Wi-Fi Keypads
  • Table Top Keypad Engraving, KTP-03BW1/KTP-3EW1
  • New Product Model Number Support for Circa Keypads, KCC-XXXXX/KCW-XXXXX)
  • Customer requested fixes and enhancements
Below you will find links to download Savant's LiteWare®6.0 Release Notes and Software Suite (with instructions).

Thank you for your interest in Savant Lighting Control.


LiteWare6.0 Release Notes (includes download instructions):

Click here to download

*Note: Please read the Release Notes prior to downloading LiteWare6.0 for important information and step by step instructions.

LiteWare6.0 Software:

Click here to download

*Note: LiteWare6.0 runs on a Mac (in Parallels) or on a PC, and is compatible with the following operating systems: Mac with Parallels Operating Lion or Mountain Lion, and PC with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 Operating Systems.

SmartLighting Firmware & Release ReadMe Notes