Savant TrueControlTrade Mark App for iPad® & iPad mini®

Savant’s TrueControl™ App leverages the power of Wi-Fi and 3G networks to stay connected to your Savant System at home or in any commercial environment. TrueControl provides flexibility to control your whole house or corporate office, including music, video and lighting scenes, security, climate, energy, entertainment and much more. TrueControl is compatible with all current generations of the Apple® iPad® and Apple iPad mini®.

Savant has transformed the iPad into mobile control devices capable of functionality never foreseen in the smart tablet market, including compatibility with Savant’s award-winning TrueCommand and TrueImage™ interface, and remote access using Savant Mobile.

TrueControl transcends vertical markets providing both automation and control to residential, commercial, education, government, mobile and PRO AV markets alike.

Award-winning Technology

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  • TrueControl™ iPad®  - Automated Lignting
  • TrueControl™ iPad®  - Digital Media Management
  • TrueControl™ iPad®  - Home Security System Control
  • TrueControl™ iPad®  - Digital Energy Management

  • Multi-room navigation and control
  • Full two-way control with active feedback
  • Customizable for any commercial or residential installation
  • Navigation Bar and Active Content
  • Category and Service Docks
  • User Customization including categories and channel favorites
  • TrueCommand and TrueImage navigation supported
  • Guest Access and Savant Mobile (control from anywhere in the world)
  • Multi-tasking, switch from TrueControl to thousands of Apple apps
  • Wireless video streams from network cameras
  • Navigation and control of Internet music and subscription services

Available Model

  • Available on the Apple App Store