SC Multi-mode Fiber OM3 Connector (10 pack)


CON-F1000 OM3 Multi-mode SC-type connectors enable east and fast fiber termination in the field.  Typical termination is less than two minutes without any adhesives or polishing processes.  The hinge opening on the connector enables easy insertion of the fiber and also provides the best resistance to both push and pull strain relief when terminating the Savant  OM3 fiber optic cable (see CBL-F1000).

Savant recommends using CON-F1000 connectors along with Savant CBL-F1000 fiber optic cable with Savant’s entire line of fiber solutions.  In addition, Savant recommends and offers the FTK-F1000 Fiber Termination KIt for ease of installation.

Common Applications
CON-F1000 is the ideal fiber SC-type connector for termination of the CBL-F1000 fiber optic cable. Fiber Optic cable is ideal for extending digital AV signals up to 1000 feet (300 meters).

  • Includes (10) SC-type fiber optic connectors
  • No specialty tool required
  • No epoxy or polishing required
  • Fast and easy installation and can be connected in the field
  • Savant recommends using the Savant Fiber Termination Kit (see FTK-F1000)

Available Model

  • CON-F1000

Available Accessories

  • CBL-F1000, Savant OM3 Multi-mode Single-Strand Fiber Cable
  • FTK-F1000, Savant Fiber Termination Kit